Perodua – Top Manufacturer in Malaysian Automobile Industry

Perodua is the one of the leading brands in automobile industry in all over the world. This Malaysian company is in second ranking in the automobile industry of Malaysia. The company started its journey in the year 1992 and launched their first model named Kancil in the year 1994. From that time the company is producing luxurious cars till the present time. This company provides car services on contract basis and free service for limited time on buying of cars.

Perodua cars are very adorable in design. The company do manufactures three different models of four wheelers. The models are named as Alza, Myvi, and Viva. They have their branches mainly in Malaysia and near countries. The cars are very powerful and efficient. Specialties of these cars are that they are so much eco-friendly.

Perodua promotion is done to maximize the sale of the company. This promotional campaign includes different discount offers and other facilities and some games like lucky draw etc. This Company is opening new branches in different places in the country. They provide special offers in occasions like New Year etc.

Perodua Myvi is a very nicely crafted and low space consuming car at all. This car has four varieties according to specification and available in 6 different colors. Perodua Myvi price starts from 43,912.15 RM and onwards. This car has a specious interior and nice air-conditioning system to keep the environment fresh. Various safety features are also included in the car. The exterior of the car makes it very athletic looking. The price of the cars may vary with the store location.

Perodua Viva is another fantastic production of Perodua. This car is a bit larger than Myvi and available in four different eye shooting colors. There are four different models of this car regarding their difference in interiors. The price of Viv 660BX starts from 24912.15 MR. This car has been built for comfortable journey mainly.

Thoughts about YouTube Advertising

In order to reach a broader world audience, I recently decided to make a YouTube ad for display in Malaysia. Now I am not a linguist, so I thought it would be better to get local people to coordinate the project for me. I decided to hire a firm in Kuala Lumpur to produce it for me.

I was initially concerned that there may be communication problems, but they had a great English speaking account manager who I was able to speak to.

The video was pretty successful, it resulted in a lot of interaction on the community website I was promoting (a music website).

Malaysians are very active on the Internet, with a very large percentage of my target demographic using YouTube on a weekly basis, so I was able to achieve saturation very quickly.

As with anything else, running a successful Youtube campaign was 80% planning and 20% execution, and I’m pleased to say that this time, I didn’t make any major planning mistakes!

Good communications between the stakeholders in a project like this is essential, and I could not fault the manager – he was constantly in touch via Skype, telling me how it was going, sending me casting photos and even conducting interviews and summarizing them for me. It was like being there, except without the inconvenience of traveling and the airfare!

This was my first step into social media advertising in a different culture. It took less effort than I expected, but I think that I will continue to put more of my attention on English speaking countries. There is a huge amount of potential in Malaysia for social media advertising, but I like to be involved in the creative work a little more – this is how I justify my high fees to my clients, after all!

However, if you enjoy travelling, or you don’t mind subcontracting to reliable companies of freelancers in the country, then I encourage you to go for it! It’s a great way to get brand exposure amongst an audience that you would probably never reach any other way.